Welcome to Esben Antenna, a specialist division of Esben Business IT Solutions Ltd dedicated to delivering fixed wireless broadband solutions to residential, community and business customers throughout the area.


The core of our network is provided by a combination of Virgin Media and BT dedicated fibre lines so we have carrier resiliency and extremely fast throughput with capabilities of upto 1000mbps! From the network core, our internet access is broadcast through a series of PoP  (Point-of-Presence) sites throughout Grantham and into the surrounding areas via secure wireless PtP links.


For the community

We fully support community projects and charities with preferential deals available upon request. Community projects that we have helped to date;
Gravity FM Logo
Jubilee Church Life Centre

For Residential Customers

We are able to offer either 10mb or 20mb broadband solutions to residential customers, in some areas we may be able to offer a 40mb package however this is dependent upon each installation.

  • 10mb Residential
    • Ideal for light internet usage
    • 10mbps downstream, 5mbps upstream
    • Standard definition video streaming
    • 50GB per month usage limit
  • 20mb Residential
    • Ideal for most families
    • 20mbps downstream, 10mbps upstream
    • Suitable for online gaming
    • High definition video streaming
    • unlimited usage

For Business Customers

Our business services are designed for customers who require a static IP address and need priority connections with a lower contention ratio than residential

  • 20mb Business
    • Ideal for home-workers or SMBs
    • 20mbps downstream, 10mbps upstream
    • Static IP address as standard
    • Contention ratio of 2:1
  • 40mb Business
    • For businesses who heavily rely upon cloud based solutions
    • 40mbps downstream, 20mbps upstream
    • Static IP address as standard
    • Contention ratio of 2:1